Culture Drives Results

When employees are happy and healthy, they perform great work, provide excellent service, and add value. Your customers and clients will then value and reward your organization, inspiring the individual to continue to provide great service.

We believe you should have the freedom to envision events that are as unique as your employees and clients. The VENIO team will work with you to develop customized events to help you celebrate the people you value, building loyalty and increasing morale.

Employee Rewards

Your employees are the heart of your business, and their loyalty is key to your company’s growth and continuity. Celebrate your team’s success in landing a big client or winning a strategic contract with an appreciation event—or incentivize them to reach a sales goal by offering an event as a reward. 

Team & Leadership Building

Organizations function better when individuals learn to trust and value each other’s strengths and contributions. Energize and unite your employees with a team building event, and allow leaders to emerge in a new environment. 

Executive Planning & Retreats

Guiding a team through the daily challenges of a growing business can distract leaders from the big picture. Gather your C-level executives at a special event to give them the time and space to set goals, articulate a corporate vision, and develop strategic plans. 

Client & Prospect Development

Along with your employee relations, strong ties with clients are essential to a successful business. Develop new client and prospect relationships and deepen existing ones by treating them to a unique and memorable event. 


Corporate Wellness Programs

Public health research shows that fit employees are productive employees, with fewer absences from work and lower health care costs for both employees and employers. Save money and increase loyalty and fitness among your employees with a corporate wellness program. 

Individual Excursions

Our sister company, Active Excursions, can plan and deliver events and adventures for individuals, friends, families, and social groups, and other organizations. 


"Thanks for sharing such a wonderful day with all of us. Truly a great experience, not only for us, but for any client group that wants to build team cohesiveness."

—Terry Butler, Expense Reduction Analysts


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